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STYLPRO Silver Beauty Fridge

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Keep your beauty products fresher for longer

The STYLPRO Four Litre Beauty fridge ensures your beauty products, especially organic products, last longer and perform better by preserving ingredients and maintaining peak optimal freshness. From night creams to nail polish, your beauty products can now keep cool and collected in style.

How it works

Refrigerating beauty products extends shelf life and prevents bacterial growth, keeping ingredients at optimal freshness. Using chilled products helps cool and depuff skin, tightens pores and maximise product performance.

Beauty is best served chilled, or warm! With additional heating capacities, the STYLPRO Beauty Fridge can also heat up products, such as heating packs and hand warmers.

Products will never spoil or freeze with our built-in low temperature protection, which always keeps the interior above 2°c.

Keep your beauty regime fresh with our rose gold detailed Beauty Fridge.

Benefits and features

⭐Cools contents up to 20°c below room temperature.
⭐To avoid freezing and minimise condensation,
⭐STYLPRO Beauty fridge has low temperature protection to keep internal temperature above 2°c.
⭐Chills and heats. Heats up to 45-55°c.
⭐Noise reduction.
⭐Works in US.
⭐Color: Silver
⭐US mains plug


✔️1 x STYLPRO Beauty Fridge
✔️1x US Mains plug

How to use

1. Ensure the ‘Cold Hot Switch’ is in the OFF position.
2. Ensure the ’Power Switch’ is in the AC position.
3. Depending on your region, plug the UK, USA or EU power cord into the ‘Household Socket’ at the back of the fridge. Similarly attach the 12 V car adapter to the appropriate socket, if using in a car.
4. Plug the other end of the power cord into the mains socket.
5. To cool, set the ‘Cold Hot Switch’ to Cold. A green light will show. For best results, we suggest putting pre-chilled items into the fridge. Fill fridge with beauty products suitable for chilling (check the label for storage instructions).* It will take 2 or 3 hours to reach maximum cooling temperature.
6. To heat, set the ‘Cold Hot Switch’ to Hot. A red light will show when the fridge has started to warm up. Place heat-friendly beauty products such as hand-warmers into the fridge.

Additional Information

External: 190*270*275mm
Internal: 135*140*200mm (4 litre)

Beauty products recommended to be refrigerated:
❄️Natural, Organic Products
❄️Nail polish
❄️Serums, creams and moisturisers
❄️Toners and sprays
❄️Sheet masks
❄️Products that contain Vitamin C
❄️Liquid makeup products (foundation, liquid Eyeliner to mascara)
❄️Lip/Eye Pencils

Beauty accessories invented with love

FAQs: STYLPRO Silver Beauty Fridge

The STYLPRO 4 Litre Beauty Fridge chills products up to 36F below room temperature. Products never freeze or spoil, as our built in low-temperature protection always keep internal temperatures above 35F.

The STYLPRO 4 Litre Beauty Fridge not only chills products but can also heat products and packs up to 11-130F.

Our fridge comes with a US mains power plug.

It takes up to 2-3 hours for the STYLPRO 4 Litre Beauty Fridge to reach is maximum temperatures, whether that be in chilling or heating mode. When switching between Heating and Chilling mode, you must leave the fridge in ‘OFF’ mode for at least 30 mins with the door open, to reach a neutral state before changing the setting.

You can store up to 4 litres/1.06 gallons of products in the fridge’s shelves or built-in door basket.

The STYLPRO 4 Litre Beauty Fridge is designed to keep beauty products fresh, by preventing bacterial growth and preserving ingredient quality. We recommend keeping liquid makeup, skincare creams, masks, Vitamin C containing products, natural & organic products, nail polishes and sunscreen in the fridge. We do not recommend storing fresh food and drink with your beauty products.

Please find a downloadable version of our instructions Please find a downloadable version of our instructions here.

The Cooling Chip at the back of our fridge is integral to keeping internal temperatures in check, which can reach as low as 2-3°c when ambient temperatures are at 25°c. However, at the site of the Cooling Chip temperatures can reach as low as 0°c and therefore condensation may freeze and form small amounts of frost. To remove any build up of frost at the Cooling Chip, turn off your fridge and leave to defrost with the door open. Wipe away any frost and towel-dry the area. This will prevent the cooling function from being effected in future use..