STYLPRO Sponge Recycling Scheme

Terms & Conditions

All individuals who make contact via email with STYLIDEAS Ltd to participate in the promotion will receive an email with instructions on how to take part.

We will pay the postage for you to send the dirty sponges to us by supplying a postage paid label to attach to your parcel.

We will send you a maximum of 2 new, non-branded, makeup sponges per person, in return for your dirty ones at no charge to you.

No dirty sponges sent to STYLIEAS Ltd will be returned.

We will only accept full size sponges, no micros or minis.

The promotion is run on a first-come-first-served basis.

STYLIDEAS Ltd reserves the right to start and finish the promotion at times and dates suitable to STYLIDEAS Ltd.

Any queries or questions please contact us by email