Happy Halloween from STYLPRO

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Happy Halloween from STYLPRO

OCT, 2020

The Horror Story of Your Makeup Brushes

Happy Halloween from Inventor and Team STYLIDEAS!

Let us tell you of the chilling tale of dirty makeup brushes...

Boo! Sorry, we just got spooked by your makeup brushes…

Did you know that is has been found that 34% of makeup brushes hold more bacteria than the average toilet brush? And that 44% of women have never washed their brushes-ever! Now we know the real skeleton in the closet…

The scary truth...

The creepy-crawly bacteria found on makeup brushes (and at this time of year, face paint tools), can cause Staph infections, breakouts, irritation and clogged up pores, and will haunt your brushes and your skin. So, this Halloween, when you are perfecting your alien/mermaid/emoji look, dare to stare into the face of your brushes and see what lies beneath…

According to dermatologist Dr. Debbie Palmer, the daily use of makeup brushes can ‘accumulate dead skin cells, dirt, oil, pollution and bacteria,’ which can include staphylococcus, E coli and other viruses. The risks are real, as an Australian woman contracted a Staph infection from sharing makeup brushes with a friend and was left paralyzed in her arms and legs. This is no old wife’s tale.

You can also contract conjunctivitis from sharing makeup brushes, as well as early on-set wrinkles. Dirty makeup brushes can open your skin up to ‘oxidative stress from free radicals’, Dr Debbie states, which dissolves collagen and elastin in the skin, causing premature signs of aging. Seriously spooky stuff.

Break the spell...

But what if there was a way to break the spell? Cast away those caked layers of oily foundation, stains, and ghoulish bacteria… Well we might just have some magic, a trick, a treat to banish these horrors away from your brushes and skin in seconds.

The STYLPRO Brush Cleanser both cleans and dries your brushes in 30 seconds- sorcery! Using our alcohol-free, anti-bacterial brush cleanser, your brushes are deeply cleaned, and bristles conditioned. The centrifugal technology permeates through to the very base of the brush, cleaning deep within the brush heads.

After whizzing your brushes in the STYLPRO cauldron, I mean bowl, simply lift your brush and spin to dryness in just 10 seconds. Then your broomstick, is ready to fly away onto your skin for hygienic application to your skin. Nothing to be frightened of there!

Sold out

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